Energy Casino: An online slots game review

There are many great games and apps to play casino games online while earning real money.

Since the competition is high, developers do their best to give the best offers to customers while ensuring the best experiences, offers, bonuses, safety and security.

Here we will be talking about Energy Casino which gained a lot of popularity in 2016.


Energy Casino is a fairly new one which started in 2013. Although it is new, it has gained a lot of popularity since its inception.

It has also been chosen by players all over the world as one of the best online slot games to earn money.

You can be assured that it is a legit company because it has got its licensing and is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Mission.

If you are not aware of these two, then they are one of the most popular and trusted gambling associations across the world. Hence your security and safety are assured.

You will also find that Energy Casino uses Microgaming and NetEnt software.


There are so many features this game offers that if you love playing slot games, you would be convinced to play this game.

  • Platforms:

You can play Energy Casino from your PC (Windows or iOS) and mobile phones (Android or ios).

  • Games:

There are more than 300 games you can play from. They consist of video pokers, mobile games, high roller slots, roulette games, video slots, blackjack games, jackpot slots, Vegas slots, classic slots and many other table games. Although table games are lesser, you will find a lot of slot games to make up for it.

  • Bonus and prize:

One of the reasons why Energy Casino is so popular is because of the great bonus and prize offered. We could call it a very generous and giving game because of the variety of prizes. Winning money is not the only thing you can win here. You can also win free trips to Malta and other things like electronic gadgets etc. Free spins are also given often.

  • Customer Care:

Energy Casino provides an array of customer services that can cater to your queries, complaints and needs. They have a 24/7 customer service. You can contact them by telephone or email. They also have a separate section for VIP support.

  • Global:

Energy Casino is very global with its roots. It offers 11 currencies that customers can pay and withdraw money through. It also supports 17 languages which are many compared to other online slot games. Many of the other games offer 5-15 languages. Some of the languages you will find in Energy Casino are English, German, Chinese, Czech and Spanish.

  • Money:

Energy Casino offers customers 25 means for depositing money and 11 means to withdraw money. You are sure to have one of these modes of payment. The minimum deposit you can make is 10 in three currencies- Pounds, Euros and American Dollars. There is a withdrawal limit of maximum 5,000 Euros per day – more info.

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